Greetings SCAHCE Members

Welcome to the South Carolina Association for Higher Continuing Education. Established in 1977, SCAHCE strives to promote continuing education and respond to the needs of educators and administrators of continuing education in order to better serve students and other consumers of continuing education programs. We believe in four core values: Excellence, Diversity, Cooperation and Innovation.

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the South Carolina Association of Higher Continuing Education (SCAHCE). I am both humbled and honored to serve as SCAHCE’s 41st President. As South Carolina’s economy continues to grow and evolve, continuing education (CE) becomes more prevalent in fulfilling the needs of the citizens, employers, and businesses of South Carolina. SCAHCE was constitutionally organized in 1977 with the significant purpose of promoting continuing education and professional development to better serve the needs of educators and administrators of South Carolina’s higher educational institutions.

Under Donna Lawrence’s leadership, members embraced SCAHCE ’s 2018 conference at the College of Charleston North Campus. Members collaborated with two-year and four-year universities and colleges throughout the palmetto state and beyond. Members also participated in CE topics such as: Entrepreneurship, Revenues & Profitability, Leadership, Communication & Marketing, Technology & Innovation, Recruitment, and Customer Service. The Commission of Higher Education’s (CHE) Terrye Seckinger informed SCAHCE members of the Commission’s plans for higher continuing ed. I want to thank phenomenal visionary keynote speakers Mike Veeck, Co-Founder of Fun Is Good, and Stuart Williams, Impact Entrepreneur, for engaging and energizing our members. Supporting vendors such as Aceware, Augusoftt, CaeerStep, MindEdge, Destiny Solutions, and SCMEP provided valuable and beneficial resources.

SCAHCE honors our members with six different cash awards for achievements associated with non-credit higher continuing education. One award honored by SCAHCE, The John J. Duffy Scholarship, is awarded to members who are engaged in graduate or undergraduate course of study suitable for the advancement of continuing education as a profession. If you have a member in mind whom you would like to see receive one of these awards, please submit your nomination for the 2019 SCAHCE awards to be presented at this year’s conference by using this 2019 SCAHCE NOMINATION FORM.

As SCAHCE approaches our 41st annual conference, October 3rd and 4th 2019, in  the “Emerald City”  – Greenwood, S.C. – our members will be both delighted and enlightened as we explore the theme “One Team, One Goal – Creating Partnerships That Win!”  (theme brilliantly suggested by Erin Paysinger, Economic Development & Continuing Education Division, Piedmont Technical College). Members will be motivated and inspired by our keynote speakers (TBA), participate in revealing workshops, and elated by surprises along the way. We anticipate informational and innovative proposals this year. Please use this link below to submit your proposal!

We invite you to get involved and join SCAHCE in advancing and supporting CE within South Carolina. Register now for SCAHCE’s 2019 Conference! SCAHCE membership is always included! Also, don’t forget to register early for a discounted rate!

SCAHCE ’s talented and dedicated board of directors are eager to support our members and all who are associated with or interested in continuing education. We embrace enhancing cooperation among two-year and four-year institutions in CE efforts and hope to provide a forum for the discussion of common concerns that will equip our members to serve the needs of the people of S.C better. Please feel free to contact SCAHCE’s Board of Directors at

Thank you, SCAHCE members, for the opportunity to serve you! You are welcome to contact me at or


With gratitude,

Donna Johnson

2019 SCAHCE President