Welcome to the South Carolina Association for Higher Continuing Education.  SCAHCE was constitutionally organized in 1977, with the significant purpose of promoting continuing education and professional development to better serve the needs of educators and administrators of South Carolina’s higher educational institutions.  We believe in four core values: Excellence, Diversity, Cooperation and Innovation.

Hello everyone!

Working with the members of the SCAHCE board over the past year has been a wonderful experience and I’m excited to step into the role of SCAHCE’s 43rd President.  I am looking forward to supporting this organization over the coming year.  As South Carolina continues to grow and change, our jobs as part of the support system to help train citizens, business, and industry is extremely important.  As we emerge from the pandemic I believe we will have expanded growth in our training and economic development.

In October, SCAHCE will host a smaller in-person annual conference.  Your SCAHCE Board is planning what we hope will be a great event that will be useful  to continuing education professionals in developing networking opportunities, chances to learn, and collegial friendships.

SCAHCE ’s talented and dedicated board of directors are eager to support our members and all who are associated with or interested in continuing education.  We embrace enhancing cooperation among two-year and four-year institutions in CE efforts and hope to provide a forum for the discussion of common concerns that will equip our members to serve the needs of the people of S.C better.  This past year the four-year college peer group gained more traction and we are excited to have two members of that group serving on our SCAHCE Board this year.  Please feel free to contact SCAHCE’s Board of Directors at scahceinfo@gmail.com.

We invite you to get involved and join SCAHCE this year in advancing and supporting CE within South Carolina.

Thank you, SCAHCE members, for the opportunity to serve you!  You are welcome to contact me at scahceinfo@gmail.com or stephanie.gregg@gvltec.edu, if I can help you in any way, or if you have questions about the SCAHCE organization.

Stephanie W. Gregg
Greenville Technical College
2021 SCAHCE President